On-Line Instruction
Golf is a sport that undeniably takes time. Whether trying to get an 18-hole round in or a 30-minute practice session, sometimes that time can be hard to find.
With on-line instruction, students can improve their games at their own pace, when their schedules permit. Whether you are on the road, at work on your 'lunch hour' or at home when day light is not available. 
On-line instruction is a great avenue to improve your game using video, still images, skype/facetime and various mobile applications that put students and instructors in direct 'lesson' communication with each other.
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Exercises that will help improve your overall game.

Add This Stretching Routine to Your Bag and Feel The Difference!

It happens too often. You go out and play a round of golf with your friends and the next day your body is a little sore, maybe your lower back is tight and your shoulders feel a bit stiff. You blame yourself for not getting to the course with enough time to get a proper warm-up in, but that can make for a long day and you usually wear yourself out on the range before you even get to the first tee! THERE IS A SOLUTION! Whether you are pressed for time or not, here a simple stretching routine that will help your golf muscles prepare for the havoc that you are about to place on them.