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Welcome to Julie Wells Golf
The perfect place to develop your game and reach your potential.
Begin your journey to a better golf game today! Julie will work with you to unveil your strengths and weaknesses in order to customize a program that encompasses both the mental and physical aspects of your game.
By getting to know each student and identifying both their long-term and short-term goals, Julie creates an environment that allows the learning process to occur naturally, making your experience comfortable and rewarding.  
"When I went to Julie I was desperate to improve my game or give it up.  My index was an 18.9 and golf was no longer fun. By the second lesson, I saw a tremendous difference in my distance and in about a two-month timeframe my index got down to an 11.4. When I now hit a good shot my golf buddies blame it on Julie. Thank you Julie, you are the best..'
- Steve Binder, Mission Hills CC
'We love that Julie works with what each golfer has for ability based on their health, age and other personal factors.  From observing each student and discussing their goals, she then works to help them improve.  She doesn't prescribe to a lot of technical swing thoughts but rather suggests simple swing thoughts that can easily be put into practice.  We also love the "vibe" we get from her.  She is happy to have the opportunity to help golfers improve their game and she makes learning fun.'
- Walt & Cindy Schlaepfer
Julie's Mission

"My passion is to help golfers of all skill levels enjoy the game of golf. Whether introducing a golf club to someone for the first time or helping an already successful player get to the next level, my goal is to help you improve your game."
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Google Reviews

After a few failed attempts at trying to find an instructor who could work with with my husband and I we discovered Julie on our recent trip to the desert. Over several very fun and informative lessons,(including 2 on course outings), we're both much more confident, much improved and are really enjoying the game. Julie is a GREAT, GREAT teacher - she not only tells you what to do differently she also explains why it matters. Julie is always so positive and encouraging which reinforces the fun aspect of the lesson. Even when we totally whiffed on the ball she would tell us how much better the swing was and explain why. We found that she was really able to connect with both of us in a very clear way unlike our past experiences with different instructors. Because she is such a great golfer she was able to demonstrate excellent examples of what she was describing to us. It's too bad she's so close to her family otherwise we would adopt her as our own!!! We definitely are planning on scheduling lessons with her each time we return to the desert. -Alicia Siegel

'I have worked with Julie Wells over the last couple of years. First of all, Julie has a great eye for spotting issues in my golf swing. Then, she does a very professional job of using her iPad to take pictures for review . Then she followups with an e-mail with those pictures and drills to help muscle memory. I would recommend her without reservation.'- Lee Ann Igoe
I have been a golfer for over 50 years, but my game had deteriorated significantly in the past couple of years, my handicap rising from 12 to 18 in that time. After just a few lessons Julie had me playing back to my capabilities, with just a few changes that were simple to understand and execute. I am extremely grateful for her help and intend to see her every so often to make sure I'm staying on track.

I highly recommend Julie as a golf instructor, whatever your age or gender.' -Kal Kaplan